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stump grinder grinding down  a tree stump

Fast, effective stump grinding for

efficient tree stump removal

Cornwall and South Devon's tree surgery and ground maintenance team are on hand to remove unsightly tree stumps from your land. Quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.

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stump grinding prior to working on a tree stump

Why do we advise

stump grinding over other methods of stump removal?

As innocuous as they may seem, tree stumps can prove to be a bit of nuisance when they are getting in the way of developing your land, attracting pests such as termites, or tripping up unsuspecting guests.

There are different methods of removing tree stumps, but we think the best by far is stump grinding. It’s fast, efficient and less invasive than complete root removal, since the root system will remain in the ground. This, however, will naturally decompose over time.

Stump grinding:

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when, why and how. What you need to know.

The cost-efficient and effective method

Stump grinding is quicker and less labour intensive than complete removal, and it costs less, too! We find that stump grinding is perfectly suited to almost all of our clients’ needs due to its speed, low cost and efficiency.

Tree stumps obstruct development work

Whether it’s getting in the way of maintaining a neat and tidy lawn, or it’s right where you’re looking to build a garden office, shed or paddock, there’s no avoiding the fact that tree stumps can be a serious obstruction!

Tree stumps are a trip hazard

Aside from the risk of personal injury, land and business owners need to ensure their site is reasonably safe at all times. Preventable accidents can be costly!

Prevent pest infestation

Termites are drawn to the damp, shady conditions of decaying tree stumps, along with beetles, rodents and fungi, which of course could be toxic and thus harmful to kids and pets.

For tree stump removal expertly performed at an affordable price, contact RPS Maintenance Ltd now

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