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Cutting hedge with power tools


hedge trimming and pruning

At RPS Maintenance Ltd, we keep hedges in excellent shape and health across all areas of Cornwall and South Devon.

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For hedges that are in 

the best of health and shape

You want your hedges to look their best at all times, and for that, regular trimming is essential. But it’s not all about aesthetics! Overgrown hedges can become a nuisance (let’s admit it, we’ve all walked headlong into an out-jutting branch and been jabbed in the face).

Regular hedge maintenance will also reduce the impact of diseases such as box blight. For a quote on keeping your hedge shapely and healthy, please give us a call or drop us a message via the contact form provided.

Want to know about our

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hedge maintenance service?

Clearing up after ourselves

This goes without saying, but trimming hedgerows can cause a lot of mess. As a professional and conscientious firm, we of course remove all debris from the site once we’re done, keeping your space nice and tidy, just the way we found it.

Hedge maintenance

Hedges should be kept healthy and lively by being trimmed at the right times of the year, and being trimmed appropriately (not too frequently and not too tight). It’s easy for an inexperienced person to affect the health of a hedge by improper management, so we recommend calling in the experts.

Hedge trimming and cutting

This is all about cutting back unruly branches, removing obstructions and areas of overgrowth, whilst getting the hedge back under control and into the desired shape.

Hedge shaping

Hedges should be kept in an orderly, uniform shape – but you can’t expect nature to obey our rules for long. Different branches will grow at different rates and the hedge will eventually lose its shape. Our skilled maintenance team will artfully restore that sense of form and precision.

Is your hedge struggling to thrive? Getting too large? Contact RPS Maintenance now for quality trimming and pruning

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