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Pollarded trees in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

Pollarding for trees

in Cornwall and South Devon

For overgrown and/or problematic trees that could cause a safety concern, pollarding may be required. Contact RPS Maintenance Ltd.

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tree surgeon standing on tree that has been pollarded

Maintaining health and safety

while preserving the health of the tree

Pollarding may seem like an extreme method, since it involves the complete removal of all the tree’s growth up to a set point. This means that the entirety of the tree’s foliage will be taken away, leaving just the frame.

Whilst proud homeowners may balk at the thought of spoiling a tree’s natural appearance in such a way, there are occasions when pollarding is a necessity, and we find the service is regularly requested by local councils, often for safety concerns or due to interference with manmade structures. Call now to discuss your requirements with us.

What you need to know

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about pollarding 

Can pollarding be good for woodland management?

Yes! Pollarding can help to preserve tree stock long-term, as it helps to prevent wildlife such as deer and rabbits from damaging new shoots by feeding on them. Pollarding is regularly employed as an effective woodland management method.

Will the tree regrow?

Yes, foliage should start to grow after around four months. This is why regular repollarding is important. Excess regrowth from one particular part of the tree could ultimately lead to the tree failing, meaning it would have to be removed altogether.

How do I know if a tree needs pollarding?

This is something we will be able to confirm upon inspection. There are several reasons why pollarding might be required. It could be that the tree is becoming unsafe. Its size could be resulting in subsidence issues, or overhanging branches could be obstructing roads, causing concerns for neighbours, or even causing problems with overhead power lines.

What does the process involve?

Pollarding is basically a form of pruning and should be kept up at regular intervals to keep the tree under control and ensure it remains healthy. We will remove the tree’s foliage, so that what remains is the tree’s framework: the trunk and the growth point of its branches.

Need a way of dealing with an overgrown, dangerous or obstructive tree? Get in touch and we’ll provide a survey and quote to cover the work required

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