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Crown reduction

services in Cornwall and South Devon

Creating lighter spaces and stronger, healthier trees via professional crown reduction methods carried out by RPS Maintenance Ltd

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Is a tree blocking out all your sunlight?

The solution is simple and benefits both you and the tree

If a tree has started to feel like an oppressive presence on your property, blocking all the sunlight and leaving your space feeling cold, cramped and shady, then crown reduction is an excellent means of correcting this issue whilst benefiting the health of the tree.

By carefully removing a specified amount of the tree’s canopy (dependent on the species), the tree’s natural shape and elegance are maintained, with no negative impact on its overall health.

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All you need to know

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about crown reduction

What is crown lifting?

Crown lifting is where we remove some of a tree’s lower branches, thus increasing visibility of and access to the tree’s trunk and base. As well as allowing more light to enter your space, this can make the tree safer, as the heaviest and most obstructive branches will have been removed, preventing the chance of them breaking.

What is crown thinning?

Crown thinning is where we remove some of those smaller branches from the tree’s uppermost crown, providing additional symmetry and allowing for greater passage of light as well as reduced wind resistance. This does not greatly affect the height or size of the tree.

How does crown reduction benefit me?

The most obvious benefit is the extra light, warmth and sense of space created by the thinning out of the tree’s branches. Crown reduction will also reduce the stress imposed on individual branches of the tree, which helps prevent weaker or diseased branches from breaking away.

What if I live in a conservation area?

If you live in a conservation area, or your tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order, this does not necessarily prevent you from carrying out crown reduction. An application to your local authority should be made (we can help you with this), to determine how much the tree can be reduced by.

Would you like us to come and inspect your tree and provide a quotation for crown reduction and any other required work? Contact us now on 07974 723086

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