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tree that has been felled on outskirts of woodland

Safe, sustainable

tree removal by felling

At RPS Maintenance Ltd we recognise the need for safe removal of dead or dangerous trees, a service we provide to all areas of Cornwall and South Devon.

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felled tree in woodland area

Tree felling:

an important safety and conservation measure

You may be reluctant to have a tree completely removed, but at times there is no other choice. Trees that have died pose a safety risk resulting from the decay and weakening of their branches and structural support. The same applies to heavily storm-damaged or diseased trees.

Unsafe trees can cause catastrophic damage if they topple over or lose their limbs, resulting in death and serious injury. So, prompt, decisive management is required.


Please give us a call if you'd like to discuss your needs with our team.

The ins and outs of

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tree removal

What if my tree is in a conservation area or covered by a TPO?

In this instance, a very good reason will usually be required to ensure the tree’s removal. The tree in question would need to be dead or posing an immediate danger due to decay. You must always seek council permission before removing a tree, which is something we can help you with.

How are trees felled?

If space allows, we can fell the tree in a single section by making a series of technical cuts to the base. Most often, however, the tree will be dismantled section by section using ropes and harnesses for access. Where this is unsafe to do, the use of a crane or cherry picker may be required.

How does felling help with conservation?

Just as it does with people, disease among treed will spread to other surrounding trees. For that reason, an infected tree should be removed in order to preserve the health and lifespan of others in the area.

What other reasons are there for felling?

Besides conservation and safety, overgrown tree roots can affect building foundations, roads, bridges and underground pipelines. They can also cause obstructions to traffic and pedestrians, as well as blocking out sunlight from homes, gardens and public spaces.

For safe, efficient tree felling and sectional dismantling even where access is severely restricted, give the team at RPS Maintenance a call

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